Some day, you'll be able to come back here to No Rogues Allowed and play a simple text-based, rogue-lite, adventure game that I am working on.

You can help me flesh out the content for the game by playing the fill-in-the-blank right over there ->below.

As you play, your words, prhases, and descriptions will get added to my database and may find their way into the game. It would be super awesome if you'd do that for me!

You can also play around with the ROOM and ITEM generators by selecting them from the menu at the top of the page. I log all the things created there which will help me with game balance in the future.

More info: cheveedodd.com/norogues

Fill In The Blanks!

Dungeon room
Illustration by Jason Glover - indieconquest.com
, you pass into a dark
strewn with debris. On/in
, you discover absolutely nothing.